Welcome to HLA2

Dear HLA2 Family,

Welcome to Hebrew Language Academy 2! We are grateful that you have chosen to join our community. Our staff firmly believes that education opens the door to the lives we have imagined. As the founding Head of School, I am honored to serve as this school’s leader and I feel an immense responsibility to provide an academic experience that helps all scholars reach their fullest potential in academics and in their lives.

HLA2 provides a warm, nurturing environment for all members of our diverse family. We emphasize social-emotional growth, dual-language acquisition, and global citizenship to provide our scholars with the understanding, skills, and values needed to participate in resolving the interconnected challenges of the 21st century, while stressing the importance of empathy towards others and responsibility for our actions and the world around us.

HLA2 recognizes that learners are unique. We are committed to providing scholars and staff with the personalized support and resources they need to grow and develop. Scholars work towards individualized academic goals, and teachers use a variety of research-based strategies and scaffolds to meet their diverse needs. Staff receives extensive professional development and coaching, in order to cultivate a rigorous and content-rich learning culture, and support scholars in meeting the high academic standards and behavioral expectations that we have set.

HLA2 values and understands the power of engaging with the community and welcomes parents and families as our partners in this work, so that all of our scholars are able to meet their fullest potential. Educational research shows that building a strong home-school relationship is a key ingredient to student success. HLA2 encourages all of our families to partner with us and we are excited to work with you. Whether you choose to engage in our Parent Teacher Organization, chaperone a trip with your child’s class, or attend a school event, we are committed to ensuring that there are multiple ways for you to contribute. Please know that your presence enriches our school and we look forward to learning from you and with you.

As we begin this journey together, please know that the staff will always be available to communicate with you. I look forward to working together to build a community where all students are supported and uplifted. Welcome home to HLA2!

Ashley Furan
Head of School